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Tractor-Pull A-Frame Henhouse - Built From Available Resources

Side-view and tractor.

Easy access to egg-laying shelf.

Screen door people-entrance.

Step and night perch platform.

Rear-corner tire and wheel assembly.

Tractor-pull connection.

The confused new residents.


Planned for Summer Season 2011

Sources and Seeds Ordered

High Mowing Organic Seeds

2764A Sugar Daddy Snap Pea Unit Size: 1 OZ
2688A Red Baron Onion Unit Size: 100 Seeds
2521A Vates Kale Unit Size: 1/32 OZ
2830A Long Pie Pumpkin Unit Size: 1/8 OZ
2887A Corvair F1 Spinach Unit Size: 100 seeds
2908A Success PM Straightneck Unit Size: 1/8 OZ
2907A Midnight Lightning Zuchinni Unit Size: 10 Seeds
2923A Ornamental Gourd Mix Unit Size: 1/8 OZ
Backordered until 3/1/2011
2452A H-19 Little Leaf Cucumber Unit Size: 1/16 OZ
3205A Crimson Sweet Watermelon Unit Size: 1/16 OZ
2265A Boro F1 Hybrid Beet Unit Size: 100 Seeds
2325A Dragon Carrot Unit Size: 1/32 OZ
2482A Perfection Fennel Unit Size: 1/32 OZ
2258A Tavera Snap Bush Bean Unit Size: 1 OZ

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Roselle, Thai Red Early HERB / NATIVE PLANT 0.6 g (71301)
Violet's Multicolored Butterbeans BEAN, LIMA (POLE) 28 g (14301)
Dean's Purple BEAN, SNAP (POLE) 14 g (13602)
White Wonder WATERMELON 2 g (55119)
Pike MUSKMELON 2 g (52108)
Neptune TOMATO 0.16 g (49195)

Empyrean Farm - Nevils, GA

Sweet Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers - Early Jalapenos
Zucchini - Lemon Gold


Well Water Tank - Painted White - Passive Solar-Reflection for Cooler Water

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